About Alexa Imwalle, M.Ed.

Hi!  I'm Alexa, the owner of Smart Start Tutors. I have helped tons of students over the years to close the reading gap, discover a love of reading, and increase their confidence in amazing ways.

I started my teaching career in a private school in Olney, Maryland. After two years I got my Masters degree in Literacy. I greatly enjoyed helping students year after year to develop such a fundamental skill while instilling in them a love of reading.

My teaching career was my passion and I really felt that I was fulfilling my life’s mission.

The next year, I became pregnant with my twin daughters which brought me out of the school system. However, it gave me an opportunity to discover another way of teaching. I always knew how much I enjoyed working with students one-on-one or in small groups and I missed the interactions that I had with my students on a daily basis even though I was loving the new daily snuggles from my precious little girls.

My desire to continue to help students close the reading gap and discover a love of reading while being a mom to my twin daughters led me to starting my own private reading tutoring practice.

Today I work with students who are below grade level in reading, who are on the cusp of reading on grade level, and even those with dyslexia. I love helping my students go from struggling readers to confident readers who have discovered a love for reading and who have the skills necessary to be successful lifelong readers.

Caroline and Paige 18 months .JPG

Caroline and Paige

My toddler twin daughters