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Sarah Dean

My daughter had trouble focusing on reading and writing in kindergarten and first grade and was continuing to fall behind in these areas in school. We struggled nightly with trying to get our daughter to read, and since she kept losing concentration, we made very little progress. I was also unsure of what resources would best help our daughter move to the next level. 

On the first session, Alexa provided an assessment to pinpoint areas in which my daughter needed help. From then on, during each session, Alexa used many different fun and interactive methods to keep my daughter’s attention and worked on the specific areas that my daughter needed help with. Alexa has also provided resources that we take home and work on between sessions. I see a huge improvement in my daughter’s reading and writing ability and she is able to focus on doing her work. 

Alexa is always available between sessions to answer any questions and to provide additional suggestions for resources that have kept our daughter engaged and helped improve her reading and writing.

Charlotte Colvin

Alexa really helped my daughter develop her reading skills over a short period of time, but an equally important improvement was the change in her confidence. She went from never wanting to read before bed at night to asking us which book we wanted to hear aloud. When she started, her self esteem was so low and after only a few weeks, she felt so much better about her reading ability. That shift in confidence really contributed to improvements in her reading level.


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Kyle Kane, Independent Educational consultant

Alexa is one of the best tutors with whom I have worked. She has an accepting and positive attitude when working with students. She is alert to, and understands, different student learning styles and adjusts her approach to help them achieve mastery of the subject matter. Alexa’s strong education and professional background allow her to offer focused, effective assistance to her families.