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How Can a Certified Reading Interventionist Can Improve Your Child's Reading Skills? 

  • Increase Grades

  • Close the Reading Gap

  • Improve Reading Comprehension

  • Inspire Your Child to Read More

  • Find Their Voice Through Writing

  • Increase Standardized Test Scores

  • Increase Confidence

  • Weekly Reading Lessons

  • Small Group Classes

Experts to Help Your Reader Cross Every Hurdle

At Smart Start Tutors, we are a team of dedicated and passionate online reading tutors with a desire to help your child improve their reading skills. You can feel good that your child is being tutored by certified reading interventionists trained in the Orton – Gillingham Method. Contact us to see how we can help!

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Download Our Free Resource Guide

"The Ultimate Parents' Resource Guide to Reading" 

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  • A guide to choosing a just right book

  • 5 word attack strategies

  • 5 ways to make reading more meaningful

  • An easy to use reading log

  • and way more!

Free Resource Guide
Free Guide

Read Reviews
from Our Clients

“Alexa is one of the best tutors with whom I have worked. She has an accepting and positive attitude when working with students. She is alert to, and understands, different student learning styles and adjusts her approach to help them achieve mastery of the subject matter. Alexa’s strong education and professional background allow her to offer focused, effective assistance to her families.”

Independent Educational Consultant

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Ready to Get Started?

Book your free Discovery Call where we will discuss your child's needs and goals for tutoring, provide recommendations for next steps, and schedule your child's initial assessment. 

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