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Unlock Your Child's Reading Potential 

With guidance and support from Alexa Imwalle and the Smart Start Tutors team, your child can gain the confidence and skills needed to become a skilled reader! An online reading tutor for elementary students can help your child build foundational reading skills so that they can excel in school and in life.  

1. Schedule Your Free Consultation

During your initial call, you'll speak to a Certified Reading Interventionist about your child's needs and goals for tutoring and recommendations for next steps to get started.

2. Complete a Reading Assessment

Sign up for a comprehensive reading assessment where we will deep dive into the five areas of reading and discover what is holding your child back from reading on grade level. This assessment will be the baseline used to create your child's individualized intervention plan.

3. Start Private Tutoring Lessons

Get more when you sign-up for one of our monthly VIP Tutoring Packages including preferred day/time, VIP Access Portal, Weekly Sessions, Personalized Resources, Progress Checks and more!

Experts to Help Your Child Cross Every Hurdle

At Smart Start Tutors, we are a team of dedicated and passionate online reading tutors for elementary students with a desire to help your child improve their reading skills. You can feel good that your child is being tutored by certified reading interventionists trained in the Orton – Gillingham Method. Learn more and see how we can help!

Alexa Imwalle Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Online Dyslexia Tutor
 Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Online Dyslexia Tutor
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Give Your Child a Smart Start

Book your free Discovery Call where we will discuss your child's needs and goals for tutoring, provide recommendations for next steps, and schedule your child's initial assessment. 

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Smart Start Tutors Free Resource Guide

Download Our Free Resource Guide

The Parents' Ultimate Guide to Reading 


  • A guide to choosing a just right book

  • 5 word attack strategies

  • 5 ways to make reading more meaningful

  • An easy to use reading log

  • And much more!

Free Guide

Read Reviews from Our Clients

“Alexa is one of the best tutors with whom I have worked. She has an accepting and positive attitude when working with students. She is alert to, and understands, different student learning styles and adjusts her approach to help them achieve mastery of the subject matter. Alexa’s strong education and professional background allow her to offer focused, effective assistance to her families.”

Kyle Kane

“Alexa really helped my daughter develop her reading skills over a short period of time, but an equally important improvement was the change in her confidence. She went from never wanting to read before bed at night to asking us which book we wanted to hear aloud. When she started, her self esteem was so low and after only a few weeks, she felt so much better about her reading ability. That shift in confidence really contributed to improvements in her reading level.”

Charlotte Coven

We have been working with Alexa for over 3 months now, and boy what a difference with my struggling 2nd grader! A COVID baby who missed the end of Pre-K and Kindergarten in person, my daughter has had some significant delays in reading noted by her elementary school this fall. I'm so glad we found Alexa! Even in such a short time, her progress and improvement have been noted not only by me, but by her teachers at school. But even more importantly, my daughter loves and enjoys all of her sessions and wants to learn and read!

Alexa is thoughtful, kind and encouraging; my daughter who usually does not want to work and read with me looks forward to her lessons (even with early morning Monday sessions!). Alexa's patience and calm demeanor has won over my child, and as my daughter tells me, her lessons go too quickly. Talking with the reading specialists and teachers at school Alexa's program is very thoughtful, deliberate and you can tell she is a true expert in this field.

Angela Taylor

Our family has had a terrific experience working with Smart Start Tutors! Alexa has been working with my twin boys, who are currently rising first graders, for about 6 months. Both of my children were struggling with online Kindergarten during the pandemic. They are both quite advanced readers for 6-year olds and were losing interest in the curriculum in their school class. Online learning compounded the issue as there was little time for personalized attention. I contacted Alexa and we brainstormed how we could offer them enrichment to ensure they didn't lose their spark and love of learning! Alexa conducted a comprehensive evaluation and offered a written report with observations and recommendations. She focused on each boy individually and tailored a program geared toward boosting comprehension skills and having them work at a reading level that was neither too easy nor too challenging. She explained that by reading within this "sweet spot" children can make far more progress with comprehension. Both boys have really enjoyed working with Alexa and they have learned valuable skills in comprehension including passage recall, citation of text as well as looking up answers that they don't remember. These are such valuable skills to their overall literacy beyond just harder and harder word decoding. Alexa also finds ways to keep the learning fun! For instance, she searched for passages/books to work with that focused on topics of interest to each child specifically. I recommend Smart Start Tutors highly! Whether your child needs remedial help or additional supplementation, Alexa is extremely competent, patient, empathetic and thorough. I can't say enough how much our family has appreciated her very personalized support!

Beth Mueller

We have been using smart start tutors for less than a year and have had a wonderful experience. Our son works with Alexa and he has been responding to her instruction and making progress. She is very attentive and will change the plan as needed to make sure your child is making the best possible progress. We cannot be happier and our son enjoys meeting with her for every session.

Tiffany Kenworthy

Alexa is an outstanding tutor! She provided a free evaluation for our son, to highlight where he was already strong, and recognize areas where he could improve. While he loves reading, he sometimes skimmed passages, overlooking main ideas and key details. In three months with Alexa, we saw a big improvement with his reading pace and comprehension. Alexa is flexible with her schedule, and is easy to get along with. We would be glad to return if our children need sessions in the future, and we heartily recommend her.

Karthik Vaidyanathan

Alexa has been working with my first grader for about two months, and we have seen a dramatic improvement in my child’s confidence level and interest in reading. We went from nightly struggles at home getting my child to read, to an activity that we now both look forward to. My child instantly warmed up to Alexa from the first session, and looks forward to coming to see Alexa each week because she makes learning to read fun! The individualized attention and upbeat nature of the sessions has been a total game changer in my child’s interest and attitude towards reading. We are also starting to see some great improvements in my child’s reading ability. Highly recommend!


My 7th grade daughter was diagnosed with dyslexia and has struggled with decoding, spelling and reading comprehension. We found Alexa on the local moms list serv and are so glad we did! My daughter loves working with Alexa and really feels a sense of accomplishment. Alexa is very patient and flexible and does periodic assessments to determine progress. In the relatively short time we've been working with her, the assessments have shown great improvement in the areas my daughter has struggled with. I very highly recommend SST!

Ashley Del Sole

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