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Welcome to Smart Start Tutors!

Learn about our online reading tutors for elementary students and why we're so passionate about what we do

Alexa Imwalle Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Dyslexia Tutor Online

Hi! I'm Alexa, the Owner and Founder of Smart Start Tutors, LLC. I am a certified Reading Interventionist, Orton Gillingham trained tutor and former elementary educator. I am also a wife and mom to twin 5 year old girls and a baby boy.


When I was in school, I struggled to read and write with proficiency and often felt inferior to my peers. It wasn't until my middle school Resource Teacher took an interest in teaching me by taking into account my learning style and interests that I really began to see the talents that were always within me.


My passion for teaching struggling readers comes from my desire to help all students become successful readers by discovering their unique learning style and drawing upon their strengths to overcome their challenges. All it takes is a teacher that believes in you and can help you to believe in yourself! 

Unfortunately, many parents don't realize that they can easily help their child overcome their struggles with 1:1 online tutoring from a certified educator and sessions that target their child's specific needs and goals. If you're interested in working with our team of online reading tutors for elementary students, get started today with a FREE Discovery Call! 

  • 1. Book a Free Discovery Call
    In your FREE 20 minute Discovery Call, you will have the opportunity to speak with our Owner and Founder, Alexa Imwalle, to explain exactly what you are noticing regarding your child's literacy struggles at home and school. You will also have the opportunity to explain what type of support you are looking for for your child and what your goals are for your child's academic development. Alexa will then determine, based on the information you provide, if we are the best fit to support your child. If so, she will give you more information about the process that we use, what tutoring with Smart Start looks like, and what the recommended next steps would be to begin to close the gap for your child. If Alexa feels that you would be better supported by another specialist, she will be happy to refer you to one of her colleagues. You will walk away from your complimentary Discovery Call with recommendations for how you can begin to stop the struggle for your child today and peace of mind knowing that you are not alone in the journey.
  • 2. Schedule an Initial Assessment Session
    If we determine that your child would be a good fit for the services that Smart Start Tutors provides then the next step would be to schedule an initial assessment. The initial assessment allows Alexa to deep dive into the five categories of your child's reading skills (phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, reading comprehension and vocabulary) to determine EXACTLY what is causing your child's reading struggles. Since every child is different and has unique strengths and areas of struggle, it is important to determine why your child is struggling with reading and what their unique struggles are so Alexa can design an individualized intervention plan to begin closing the gaps for your child. Your child's initial assessment results are used as the baseline for designing a unique learning plan to target their exact needs and goals so that time is not wasted teaching your child skills they already know, but instead allows us to get to work right away closing your child's gaps from the very first tutoring session. We then use the initial assessment results and compare them to your child's follow up assessment results every three months to gauge how much progress your child has made, if the interventions we are using are helping and if any interventions need to be tweaked. Informal assessments are completed continuously, as well, to ensure progress along the way. The initial assessment session takes between 45 minutes to an hour and is completed online from the comfort of your home. In this way, Alexa is able to meet with your child 1-1 in a setting that is already comfortable for your child using high tech technology allowing your child to see and hear Alexa and all the resources she has to share to complete the assessment.
  • 3. Receive Your Customized Learning Plan & Get Started
    Following your child's Initial Assessment Session, you will receive a full report with your child's assessment results, specific data collected, additional observations made during the assessment, and the intervention plan Alexa has designed specifically for your child. We will then schedule a 30 minute Parent Consultation where Alexa will explain the assessment results, the intervention plan, answer any questions you may have and make recommendations for the package that she believes best suits your child's needs and goals and will allow them to make the quickest progress with lasting results. Ultimately, you know your child best and therefor we leave the task of choosing the package that you believe is best for your child up to you. Once you select your package, we will determine a schedule that works best for your child from our current availability. We will then get started closing the gap for your child with engaging and fun sessions that are based on your child's unique intervention plan rooted in research based multisensory techniques.

How It Works

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“Alexa is one of the best tutors with whom I have worked. She has an accepting and positive attitude when working with students. She is alert to, and understands, different student learning styles and adjusts her approach to help them achieve mastery of the subject matter. Alexa’s strong education and professional background allow her to offer focused, effective assistance to her families.”

Independent Educational Consultant

Alexa Imwalle Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Dyslexia Tutor Online
Alexa Imwalle Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Dyslexia Tutor Online
Alexa Imwalle Smart Start Tutors, Online Reading Tutor for Elementary Students, Orton Gillingham Tutors, Dyslexia Tutor Online
Why Smart Start Tutors?

Why is Smart Start Tutors different from other online reading tutors?

We create and implement individualized reading intervention plans, specific to elementary students.


We work with students around the world and take into account each child's unique learning style, personality and interests. 

Our highly engaging sessions are designed for elementary students with a wide range of abilities including those with Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, emerging readers, and developing readers.


Unlike other tutoring companies, we do not throw worksheets in front of your child or spend time on areas of reading that your child has already mastered.


Instead, we use research based, multisensory techniques to reach your child at their EXACT level of need which allows us to help them make the most progress with results that will last them a lifetime. 

We are dedicated to closing the reading gap while instilling confidence and a love for reading in every child.  


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