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6 Summer Reading Challenge Ideas for Elementary Students

As summer approaches, it's the perfect time to have exciting reading adventures with your elementary student to help avoid the "summer slide." Whether your child is an avid bookworm or just beginning to explore the world of literature, summer presents an excellent opportunity to encourage their imagination and foster a lifelong love of reading. If you're looking for some new ideas to get your child excited about reading even while they're on summer break, keep reading for our top 6 engaging summer reading challenge ideas to keep your child motivated, inspired, and immersed in reading!

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Explore New Genres

Encourage your child to step outside their comfort zone and explore new genres. From mysteries and fantasy to science fiction and historical fiction, there are so many different genres to explore. Take a trip to the library or bookstore and let your child choose books from different genres to broaden their horizons. And even if they haven't liked a particular genre before, encourage them to try it again and see if you can find some books on different topics that might peak their interest.

Set Reading Goals

Help your child set a weekly or monthly reading goal for summer break. Whether it's a certain number of books or a total number of pages, setting targets can motivate your child to stay engaged and committed to their reading journey. Keep track of their progress together and celebrate their achievements along the way. Try creating a colorful chart together and help them add stickers to track their milestones.

Read with a Buddy

These summer reading challenge ideas are more fun with a buddy! Create accountability by encouraging your child to participate in buddy reading. Whether it's reading with a friend, sibling, or parent, buddy reading creates a supportive environment where children can share their love of books and motivate each other to reach their reading goals. Schedule regular reading sessions and encourage discussions about the books they've read together.

Join a Book Club (or Start Your Own)

Help keep your child engaged in reading (and have lots of reading buddies) by joining a local book club or starting one of your own. Book clubs provide opportunities for children to discuss their favorite books, exchange recommendations, and connect with friends who share their passion for reading. Look for book clubs at your local library, bookstore, or community center, or gather a group of your child's friends to start your own book club adventure.

Get Creative!

Don't just let the story end when the book ends! Encourage your child to unleash their creativity by incorporating artistic expression into their reading experience. Whether it's writing book reviews, creating character sketches, or crafting projects inspired by their favorite books, there are countless ways to bring stories to life beyond the pages and get them interested in reading more. Set up a designated reading and creativity corner where your child can get creative and have fun with their summer reading challenges.

Motivate Your Child to Read

If your child really isn't interested in reading, make reading a fun and rewarding experience for your child by incorporating playful incentives and activities. Create a reading chart or bingo board with fun challenges and rewards for reaching milestones. Offer special treats or privileges for completing books or achieving reading goals. Take reading outdoors to parks, beaches, or backyard picnics to add an extra element of adventure to the experience.

Get Additional Help for Struggling Readers

By incorporating these summer reading challenge ideas into your child's routine, you can inspire them to love reading, avoid the summer slide, and make reading a fun and rewarding experience. So, dive into the pages of a good book and let the adventure begin!

If your child isn't interested in reading because they struggle with it,  our online reading tutors are here to help! Schedule a call and see how our literacy specialists can help your child become a stronger reader and love books.

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