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When Does My Child Need a Reading Tutor?

Navigating the educational journey with a struggling reader can be a challenging experience for both parents and children. At Smart Start Tutors, we understand the frustrations that often accompany reading difficulties. If you think your child might need a reading tutor, keep reading to learn about the signs that indicate your child may need literacy intervention and shed light on the effective solutions we offer with our online Orton-Gillingham tutoring program.

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Understanding Reading Difficulties


To effectively support struggling readers, it's crucial to understand the four common ways our minds learn: Visual, Auditory, Read/Write, and Sensory. Each child has a unique learning style, and as certified reading interventionists, we match different modes of learning with specific strategies to enhance comprehension and motivation.


Visual learners thrive on graphics and images, auditory learners prefer listening and speaking, read/write learners excel with words and note-taking, and sensory learners prefer hands-on activities. While most minds prefer a combination of these styles, some learners may lean more towards one. For instance, dyslexic learners are often visual learners, requiring techniques that include visual supports.


5 Signs Your Child Needs Literacy Intervention


Have your child read a book with you and see if you notice any of these signs that your child might need a reading tutor.

Difficulty Rhyming

If your child struggles to produce or decipher rhymes, it may indicate a learning disability or dyslexia. Our reading interventionists specialize in building the foundational skills necessary for processing sounds, setting the stage for reading success.


Doesn't Hear Individual Sounds

A child having trouble hearing individual sounds in words might need additional support. We assist children in breaking words into individual sounds, addressing potential learning disabilities or auditory issues.


Can't Re-Tell a Story

Difficulty recounting the events of a story or grasping the main idea and supporting details could signal challenges in processing and recalling information. Our reading tutors employ active reading strategies to help children remember, understand, and store information effectively.


Adds or Removes Sounds to Words

Struggling readers may face decoding issues, adding or removing sounds from words. We work on syllable patterns, letter sounds, and skills to manipulate sounds, ensuring decoding proficiency.


Avoids Reading Aloud

Lack of confidence in reading aloud may indicate a struggling reader. Our approach focuses on boosting confidence by identifying strengths and weaknesses, creating a supportive environment for learning.


When Does Your Child Need a Reading Tutor?


As a parent, it's essential to recognize signs of struggling readers early and not wait until struggles escalate. Indicators include low scores on reading tests, negative thoughts about reading, and concerns expressed by teachers about a child's reading abilities.

If your child is currently showing one or more of these signs, there may be a weakness that is affecting their ability to read with mastery. This just means they are unique learners and can benefit from additional reading support, which is where we can help! Our Orton-Gillingham trained tutors work with children at a variety of reading levels to become stronger and more confident readers.


How Online Orton-Gillingham Tutoring Works

While the Orton-Gillingham approach is designed for students with reading challenges, its benefits extend to all learners. The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) has promoted this approach in all classrooms for over 30 years, emphasizing the effectiveness of a structured, multi-sensory approach for all students learning to read.



Our process begins with a comprehensive assessment to determine your child's reading skills, strengths, and challenges.


Customized Plan

A detailed report is compiled, explaining the results and outlining a customized plan to address specific reading gaps.


Parent/Guardian Meeting

A meeting with parents/guardians discusses the results and recommendations for a tutoring schedule tailored to the child's needs and goals.


Weekly Tutoring Sessions

Online reading tutors, matched based on learning style, personality, and scheduling needs, provide structured instruction using interventions tailored to the student's needs.


Skill Progression

As skills are mastered, students move to the next level. Adjustments are made based on individual progress, avoiding unnecessary repetition of mastered skills.


Regular Reassessment

Every three months, reassessment ensures ongoing progress, allowing us to make any necessary adjustments for the most effective intervention.


Recognizing the signs that your child may need a reading tutor is the first step toward providing the support they need. At Smart Start Tutors, our online Orton-Gillingham tutoring program offers a personalized, structured, and multi-sensory approach to empower struggling readers. By addressing specific reading gaps and boosting confidence, we pave the way for a brighter future in both academics and life. Don't wait to act—early intervention is key to closing the reading gap and fostering a love for learning in your child.

If you are ready to work with our reading tutors, schedule a call and see how we can help your child!

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